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ABout US
СHRONOSYNCLASTIC is the global team of IT professionals and our goal is to deliver a wide range of innovative, reliable, high-quality, and secure IT solutions and services to our clients. Our services include web and software development, system integration, data analysis, IT consulting and more. We strive to stay ahead of the latest industry trends and technologies, ensuring that our clients get the best possible outcomes.

We specialize in the following areas:
  • Software design and development
  • Data classification and analysis services
  • Computer systems and communication equipment software trading
  • Professional Team
    Chronosynclastic Team is composed of dedicated and creative professionals who are passionate about technologies. With broad knowledge and expertise in a variety of software, hardware, and networking solutions, we provide reliable solutions that meet the assorted needs of business.

    In our team, we recognize the importance of each person's skills and unique abilities by creating a dynamic and creative environment. Combining our different ideas, perspectives and insights, we can come up with innovative solutions and approaches that benefit us all.
  • Individual approach and Flexibility

    We believe in taking an individual approach to each situation and are flexible in our methods to ensure the best outcomes. We care about our partners and strive to provide them with approach and solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

    We focus on understanding their individual situation and work to find the best solution possible. We take the time to listen and understand their concerns, and are available to answer any questions or provide any assistance they may need.

  • Service Quality
    Our team strives to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance our product and provide a better experience. We are passionate about tackling new challenges, enabling circular and sustainable product lifecycles, finding innovative solutions. and creating a more efficient and effective way to accomplish the goals and achieve better results.

    We practice a multifaceted approach to monitor, measure, and evaluate the efficacy and performance of our software.
    This includes a range of methods, such as tracking usage data, carrying out automated tests, using analytics tools and statistics reports from various sources to assess performance and identify areas for improvement. Furthermore, we use customer feedback to measure performance and understand customer needs. Finally, we conduct regular audits and reviews to evaluate how our processes and services are performing.

  • Reputation
    We are leveraging our experience and expertise to build an interconnected ecosystem of products and services with our partners, creating a unified platform of solutions.

    Our partners, team, and technology are becoming increasingly intelligent and sophisticated as the world evolves. With every step forward, we are discovering new insights and capabilities that help us provide better solutions and reach our goals.

    Our team utilizes all our skills, knowledge and innovations to promote continual progress of our solutions, so that we can provide our customers with an outstanding service experience and become a reliable partner.

Our services
Software design and development
  1. Architecture design and custom software development
  2. Software integration and consulting
  3. Design, development, and deployment of machine learning models
  4. Cloud Computing Solutions
  5. Business Intelligence Solutions
Data classification and analysis services
  1. Data Analysis & Insights
  2. Predictive Analytics
  3. Data Modeling
  4. Data Mining & Exploration
  5. Data Augmentation
Computer systems and communication equipment software trading
  1. Software installation and maintenance
  2. Data security and backup services
  3. Cloud computing solutions
  4. Managed IT services
  5. IT consulting and support
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